Hampshire Astronomical Group

Celebrating 50 years (1960 - 2010)

Site Maintenance

Maintaining the Group's facilities in order to keep the astronomical equipment in good working order and the support room in good repair is basically an all year round task.

This work is structured by a use of a co-ordinator, usually by a member of the committee, and the co-ordinator has a large team of helpers who are led by team leaders and their work is organised around specific buildings or tasks; in adopting this system the maintenance remains manageable. Each team has approximately five or six team members. The commitment from those who do volunteer is usually no more than a couple of hours one Sunday morning per month.

Many members join these work groups as it is an excellent way of understanding how the equipment works and become more knowledgeable of the facilities as well as getting to know other members and joining in the camaraderie. Members often bring a variety of 'maintenance' skills to the Group.

These range from building, painting, engineering, electrical, electronics and computing skills. If members do not posses obvious skills we will always accept their help as a willing volunteer in joining the work teams.

Graham Bryant and Ron Lympany working on the 16 inch Dome shutter replacement.

Larger work parties will be organised to manage specific projects that the Group considers needs to be carried out which is greater than that which can be expected of a maintenance team. An example is when one of the domes has to have major refurbishment. In such circumstances a work plan is drawn up and many members will devote concentrated effort for a period of time until the task is complete - typically a few evenings and weekends. However, once again, all work is of a voluntary nature.


Structure of Hampshire Astronomical Group Maintenance Teams

Structure showing how the co-ordinator is in charge of a team for each telescope, the workshop, the support building and the grounds.