Join Hampshire Astronomical Group

Benefits of becoming a Member, and How To Join

Become A Member

Applications for membership are welcomed from interested members of the public.

There are two differing classes of membership, Associate Membership for those who wish to remain in contact with the Group, and is offered for those who are more likely to be an ‘armchair’ astronomer and who wish attend our monthly lectures and be associated with any visits the Group undertakes. Associate membership is offered at a reduced rate.

Full Membership offers all of the Associate Membership benefits plus…

  • Access to the observatory site
  • Warm, fully equipped club room with toilet and kitchen facilities
  • Workshop facilities for telescope modification/repair
  • Practical observing sessions in all of the 5 observatories/telescopes
  • Structured training on the safe use of the telescopes/observatories
  • Monthly training sessions on astro-photography & imaging which are held at the observatory
  • Monthly astronomy talks covering many aspects of astronomy
  • Participating in various observing sessions (no prior knowledge required)
  • Loan of telescopes

We do encourage people wishing to take up membership to keep in touch and an excellent way of doing so would be through attendance at any of our monthly public lectures with outside speakers which are held at the Clanfield Memorial Hall in South Lane Clanfield. Details are always held on the website.

Applicants who have formally applied for membership and who are waiting for their application to be approved, will be offered free admission to the Group’s monthly lectures.

If you are attending any of our monthly public lectures please do make yourself known to me by asking for me at the door, or alternatively by asking for our Chairman, Graham Bryant who would equally be please to meet you.

For further information please contact me.

Steve Knight
Membership Secretary