Training on Telescopes and Equipment

Training For Members

4.5" and 5" TelescopesAll members who wish to do so may have training on the HAG telescopes. We have a team of members who undertake training on the various instruments, and, although most of this takes place on Wednesday evenings at the Observing and Training Section, other arrangements can be made, at a mutually convenient time, for members unable to attend these meetings.

Keys to the observatory are offered after training and assessments have been satisfactorily completed on all the main telescopes. A charge will be made for the keys to cover costs.

There is also the opportunity to be trained on the use of solar filters to observe the Sun and the use of astronomical imaging cameras for planetary imaging and astrophotography.

All requests for training should be submitted to our Training Co-ordinator, Mrs Janet Reah, who will ensure the smooth running of the training programme.