See, Learn, Imagine

Learning About Astronomy

Since 1960 we have been a group of enthusiastic amateur astronomers who wish to share our passion for the night sky. A lot has changed from those early days and now our progression through some of the latest astronomy technology allows us to offer even more exciting views of the universe.

Local schools, children and adult interest groups come to the observatory to observe the night sky and learn about the planets and the stars. These can be organised by contacting our observatory visits coordinator, Terri Bryant,  at

Views of the night sky can be stunning when seen through some of the best equipment in amateur hands in the UK. When you see Saturn or close up views of the craters on the moon, you’ll understand what we mean by this.

Visitors can refresh their knowledge with tours of the night sky and monthly lectures in the Clanfield Memorial Hall from some of the best astronomical experts around. These can be found on the front page of our website.


How Big Are Your Telescopes?

We have available to our members and visitors a range of equipment, from 150mm (6 Inch) binoculars through to a 612mm (24 Inch) Reflecting Telescope and some of the best electronic imaging technology. You can find more details on our Observatory Tour section of this website.


What Can I See?

We always try to organise our monthly Open Evenings (available during the autumn, winter and spring months) around astronomical objects that are best seen during that period.

These can range from other galaxies and nebula far out in space,  what astronomers call  ‘deep space objects’, to objects within our solar system such as the moon, planets and comets when they are visible.


When can I visit?

To offer safety, security and to coincide with the operation of the observatory, there is no general access to the public at any time. We do have various open evening events during the year. Please contact our Membership Secretary for details of upcoming dates and events.


What goes on at the Hampshire Astronomical Group?

Day Evening / Night
Monday Evening class - led by Graham Bryant FRAS
Tuesday Organised group visits
Wednesday Members' Training and Observing
Thursday Organised group visits
Friday Members' Observing and Talks
(or Lecture Night on second Friday of the month - see Public Talks)
Saturday Regular Open Days / Evenings and other public events
Sunday Maintenance (daytimes)

Members can also observe whenever they wish on any day or evening.


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